Our Alignment Service

While good tires are an essential component of a well-functioning car, making sure they’re properly aligned will guarantee they can truly go the distance. Having your tires aligned will help your car to travel straight (without “pulling” to one side or the other) and will reduce tire wear for true longevity. 

The auto mechanics at Rocket Brakes are here to assist with the wheel alignment services your car needs. While we always check tires during routine maintenance — and will let you know if we notice anything of concern — it’s important to keep an eye on your tires in-between visits. If you notice uneven tire wear, or if your car is veering in one direction when the wheel is straight, call to have one of our expert auto mechanics examine your car. 

Wheel alignment — also known simply as alignment — is a standard part of car maintenance that includes adjusting the wheels to the correct angle determined by the manufacturer’s specifications. When the wheels are aligned, the suspension and steering systems are able to operate properly, which reduces wear.  If it’s been a while since you’ve had routine maintenance performed on your car, or if you’re noticing problems that correspond with needing a wheel alignment, contact our car repair team today. We’re happy to discuss your concerns and get you in quickly for a car service appointment. 



Benefits of Wheel Alignment Services

  • Improve fuel efficiency. You probably can intuit this benefit just from the difference your ride makes when your wheels are aligned properly or not. However, when your wheels are misaligned, they are pulling your vehicle in different directions, creating drag and costing you in gasoline costs since your car and engine have to work harder to keep you moving forward. Fuel efficiency can plummet 10%, which alone is worth the price of a wheel alignment itself.
  • Longer-lasting tires. As a car owner, you know that replacing the tires on your car can be a big expense. Thus, you want to squeeze every possible mile you can out of your tires before you have to replace them. When your wheels are misaligned, you will see uneven wear on your tires, which shortens their lifespan considerably.
  • Safer. When you are constantly fighting your tires if they are pulling in different directions because your wheels are not aligned, this can impact the safety of your vehicle. It will be harder driving and may be distracting to constantly have your tires pulling. Also, if you hit something, your wheels may act differently than normal.
  • Smoother ride. Most of us like car rides. They are fun, exciting, and they take us places we haven't been before. However, if you are driving down the highway on a road trip and you feel every bump, this can make your fun trip not-so-fun anymore. Smooth rides make more pleasurable trips and allow you to form the best memories. Make a wheel alignment appointment with Rocket Brakes Auto Care Centers in Northglenn online today!