Take Care of Your Engine

You probably know that if you take care of your engine, your car is likely to stand the test of time. But what does that mean? At Rocket Brakes Auto Care Centers in Northglenn, we’re here to help you discover the engine services that are right for you.

Whether it’s a standard tune-up or a complete overhaul, you can count on us to get your engine repair job done right. We pride ourselves on putting our customers at ease. When you choose Rocket Brakes, you won’t experience confusing sales tactics or pushy salespeople. Instead, you’ll meet car mechanics that are dedicated to giving you honest advice about your vehicle and taking care of it for a price that’s fair. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Each and every auto repair recommendation we make also includes a thorough explanation of what’s going on with your vehicle, and we’re committed to only giving you advice that’s honest, treating your car and your situation as if they were our own.

Is your car making a funny sound?

Did the check engine light come on? Does your owner’s manual recommend engine maintenance? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to engine repair, the car mechanics at Rocket Brakes can help. Contact our auto shop today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Engine Service

  • Prevents the pesky “check engine” light from coming on. Your car’s engine is the workhorse of your vehicle. Responsible for providing the power for your car to move, it has many components that work together in order to do so. Since it has many components, these components can break down. If your car is newer, it also has a lot of computer and electrical components that can trigger a “check engine” light to come on. When this does happen, taking your car to your local auto repair shop such as Rocket Brakes Car Care Centers in Northglenn is the best option for diagnostic work since it literally could be dozens of things.
  • Keeps your engine running smoothly. Cars have come a long way since their invention over 100 years ago. They are no longer loud and obnoxious sounding. In fact, your engine could be incredibly quiet relatively speaking. Thus, if you hear knocking noises or other loud, unusual sounds, you should visit your car repair shop soon. With engines, it could be many things, such as your bearings going out, poor lubrication, and more.
  • Improves fuel efficiency. Your engine works by using fuel to start a process known as internal combustion. These are small “explosions” inside your car’s engine that give it the power it needs to overcome inertia and to move in space. In order to cause these tiny explosions, your car needs fuel. Wear and tear, as well as lack of lubricants and other items, can cause your engine to not fire as fast. Thus, it will be using more fuel than it normally would be in order to move. Regular engine service by your local auto shop keeps your engine running strong all year long.
  • Cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. As a byproduct of internal combustion, gases are produced, such as nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. When you keep your engine running smoothly with regular engine service, you’ll cut down on these greenhouse gas emissions immensely.